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The Fate of America Depends on How Quickly President Trump Can Usurp Power Of The Military Industrial Complex From Evil Satanic Talmudic Jew Men and ReHire The High Ranking Military Officers That Obama Fired For Not Committing To His Many Acts of Espionage and Treason, in an Attempt to Aid These Criminals and Other Luciferian Illuminati Freemasons, Many of Whom are Nazis, Communists, Zionists, Jesuits and Eugenicists, in Systematically Destroying The USA From The Inside-Out, Unlike General Miley and Many Other Generals and Officers Who Sold Out To These Luciferian Freemason Globalist Jews in Complete and Total Power, Above Government, of the Military Industrial Complex, as it Has Been Since The "Bay of Pigs Invasion."  So Many American Presidents Have Let The American People Down.  These American Traitor Generals and Officers Should Be Fired and Prosecuted Immediately for TREASON!  Draining The Swamp Also Applies To The Military Industrial Complex, First and Foremost.  Americans Are Urged To Watch The Following Video and Purchase Paul Hellyer's Book Because Paul Outlines a Detailed Plan To Save America Before MIC Satanic Talmudic Jews Orchestrate and Execute ANOTHER False Flag Attack, An Alien Invasion or Some Other Type of Staged Event of Terror, Like They Did With Mini-Nukes on 9/11/2001, To Strip More Sovereignty, Civil Liberties and God-Given Rights Away From The American People in Preparation For Their Ambitious Goal of a Luciferian New World Order, a One World Government, a One World Court, a One World Military, and a One World Religion Under The Anti-Christ Obama and Their Master Lucifer.  They Are Very Close To Achieving This Goal, Therefore it is of Utmost Importance That ALL AMERICAN CITIZENS Improve Their Relationship With Jesus Christ Since Nobody Can Defeat Satan Without The Armor of God.  When Cornered, As They Are Right Now, These Evil Satanic Talmudic Jew Men Will Resort To Drastic Measures and are Even Trying To Start a Nuclear War as a Way of Achieving Their Goal, as They Are Huddled All Nice and Cozy in 103 Deep Underground Military Bases That They Built With Stolen American Taxpayer's Money.  They Are Evil-To-The-Core and There is Decades Worth of Evidence To Lock These American Traitors Up For Good.  If You Are an Authoritarian With The Capacity To Lock These Criminal Traitors Up and Fail To At Least Try, Then You Are Guilty of High Treason Also and We Will Be Hunting You Down Soon.  These Satanic Talmudic Jews Have Distracted The American Citizens By Dividing Them Like No Other Time in History So They Can Have Their Global Nuclear War and The Destruction of All Mankind, As They Have Been Instructed To Do BY SATAN!!!

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