Attention all mind-controlled Americans, U.S. Military Troops, Police Officers and other obedient authoritarians who have been ironically trained to never question authority, America has been hijacked and now Donald Trump is going to remove all infiltrators of evil.  The Government has been quietly hijacked by the most evil wealthy men in the world over the course of 240 years and now Donald Trump is going to remove them all and remove them from all their evil and corrupt affiliations with government, government agencies, banks and businesses. Control of the Government will be returned to the American citizens.  These spineless, weak and wicked men and women infiltrators have been working covertly under the strictest security and confidence of its Illuminati members who communicate with each other via "Gematria" from within the Zionist owned and controlled mainstream media and entertainment industry. These spineless traitors, weak leaders of the free world and Obama have strategically planned the complete and total takeover of America by Zionist and Jesuit globalists with Freemason affiliations in the Luciferian Illuminati. This is a war against FREEMASON GLOBALISTS, which includes FREEMASON ZIONISTS, FREEMASON JESUITS, FREEMASON COMMUNISTS, FREEMASON NAZIS, FREEMASON LUCIFERIANS, FREEMASON LIBERALS, and FREEMASON EUGENICISTS. They have colluded to destroy The Republic of The United States and have illegally imported endless train loads of UNITED NATIONS combat vehicles with large "UN" decals on each side of the vehicles, to various strategic locations throughout the USA, for use at a later time or until American citizens forget what they saw, which the Globalists always rely on. They have also imported 353,000 UN troops into the USA for use at a later date, which is coming real soon, when Americans least expect it, if President Trump fails to get to the heart of this issue and resist Neocons and Shadow Government Freemason Globalists. This is critally important.  Previously, these Neocons and Shadow Government Freemason Globalists have orchestrated hundreds of false flag attacks involving guns, murder, death, destruction, chaos and fear, to villainize anyone who owns a gun. This has all been done so anyone who opposes those coming to take the guns will immediately be labeled a dissident, rather than a patriot.  They have also done this so people who witness innocent American victims being stripped of their guns, by people with guns, will immediately recall their media propaganda mind-control memories and not assist in helping American citizens being violated by weak obedient authoritarians with guns. This is how pliable the American mind is.  Americans must awaken on their own!   Anyone who attempts to make a mind-controlled American awaken could potenitally force that person to sink deeper into their false reality, therefore approaching people under mind-control must be done covertly and tactfully, so they never know you are trying to show them the truth.    

American citizens have prepared to resist this gun-grab for Constitutional reasons and also because every country that has ever had their guns taken away by tyrannical regimes such as the criminals running and controlling the United States Government, but not for long thanks to Donald Trump, have also been massacred in a genocide shortly thereafter. There is no doubt that they are planning to kill millions of people, and have already begun in many ways. Hopefully President Trump will be provided information from info-warriors that lead to the complete dismantling of FEMA deathcamps, removal and destruction of the guillotines and gas chambers. They have purchased millions of coffins and 35,000 guillotines which were distributed throughout the USA to more than 1200 FEMA Deathcamps, including several strategically located Walmart stores that were gutted and retro-fitted with razor wire around the entire perimeter, including the roof, a ton of security cameras, guard towers in the four corners of each store that will make the hair on  your neck stand up, gas chambers (YES! Gas Chambers!), and most importantly, tunnels beneath the stores to herd millions of dissidents like cattle to the nearest FEMA Deathcamp, regardless of how many miles it is. The objective here is to keep all dissident movement out of sight of the public, especially if the public has not fully fallen under their mind-control spell that dissidents are bad, that Christians, Veterans, Patriots, Gun Owners, Supporters of the Constitution, Anti-Abortion Activists, Anti-Gay Activists, Anti-Evil Activists, and anyone who opposes their Luciferian New World Order Agenda of Tyranny, etc, are bad people. 

All communications via cell phone and home phone will be shut-off by an EMP before these American citizens are extracted from their homes at 3:00 am. They are planning to blame the EMP on the Russians or the Chinese. We know this because the Russian and Chinese leaders have already been here in the USA to witness EMP equipment and be briefed on how it will be used. Americans extracted from their homes will be driven to a remote location where they will be air-lifted via helicopter to the nearest Walmart RFID chipping and killing store.  There is a red list and a blue list.  Prior to Martial Law being implemented, the people on these lists will be the first ones to be extracted and then killed upon arriving at the Walmart killing stores.  However, only those on the red list will be killed immediately.  Those on the blue list will be killed a few days later, after information is extracted from them through the use of violence.  After Martial Law (Politically Correct Definition:  Civil Unrest) is implemented, all people considered to be useless eaters, Christians, disabled citizens, or those of no use to society, according to these psychotic traitors of the American people, will be brought to the FEMA deathcamps for mass murder.  There will be NO RE-EDUCATION!  That is a BIG BULLSHIT LIE!, just like the Germans lied, because like the Germans, the force behind this evil is "SATAN".  This situation is identical to the way the Germans did it. Anyone who enters a FEMA deathcamp due to being out of food, water or medicine, or shelter, will be marked for death. I strongly advise that you don't wait to find out if this is true or not.  I have known what these criminals were going to do for a long time now and don't let anyone tell you this could never happen in America, or is different than explained here. It has already happened in the USA and is happening right now in the USA.  Everything written here can be verified, and the best part of all is, until they shut down the internet, you can verify it. 

Your government has committed high treason, on numerous occasions, and Americans everywhere are counting on you to strategically extract these criminals without waking up the UN troops. If you are reading this then that means you. You now have a responsibility to do something with this information. We are entering into a Civil War planned by your government, unless Donald Trump can stop it. Do not fret about being out-numbered. Americans everywhere are well stocked and prepared to fight along side you, against these criminal foreign invaders with mommy issues. Civilians everywhere are prepared to support the troops and take care of you all during this Civil War. However, a war between Americans must be avoided at all cost. Trump supporters must discover and utilize various methods that are proven to awaken American citizens under mind-control, Hillary supporters, to their present reality. It is also imperative that you get to the root of the problem and find all people who had anything at all to do with sabotaging the United States of America.  If we don't get to the root of this problem then the problem will persist, regardless of how long it takes them. It will return like a weed, broken off and pulled from the ground.  Americans everywhere are calling on YOU to help fight with us and not against us. Do not fall for highly corrupt government, CIA, FBI, NSA, DHS mind-control tactics. Now that Donald Trump is president we should see drastic changes in government, but depending on how these issues are handled, these criminals may just go back into the sewers they crawled out of temporarily, until they eventually deceive, infiltrate and corrupt the United State Government and all it's alphabet soup agencies again. We are not the enemy. We are patriots who are fighting for the same principles our forefathers fought for, only through the internet and media, for as long as physical confrontation can be avoided.  Please remember the oath you took and the disgrace you would be to let these evil criminals steal your country, or even worse, for you to kill American citizens or take them prisoner and weaken your country. All American troops must be awakened, physically, spiritually and mentally thanks to years of television and mainstream media mind-programming. 

There is a lot more to this situation that makes it a spiritual war between Jesus Christ and Satan. Out of this chaos will come the Anti-Christ to rule over Americans in a Luciferian New World Order.  DO NOT LET THIS HAPPEN.  Please be on the offensive. You are all urged to protect yourselves both spiritually and physically by wearing a blessed crucifix, a miraculous medal of the Blessed Mother Mary, and a St. Benedict medal.  These UN troops are going to move quickly and in the middle of the night.  They will likely complete their first mission in one night so you must be prepared.  Keep in touch with any American you suspect will be on this list, via ham radio or some other form of communication device that was protected from the EMP inside of a Faraday Cage.  They are first planning to use an EMP to prevent any interstate communication. It is time to protect your communications equipment right now.  If your commanding officer does not listen to you or calls you insane then that means they are in on it and quite honestly, the fact that these high ranking officers have done nothing yet, when they've had 70 years to do something, is a disgrace in itself. Somebody needs to have the balls to do what needs to be done and get this message through to these officers.  Americans are in grave danger.  Yes, they plan on killing millions of Americans.  However, now that Donald Trump is in office, we have time to arrest all of these criminals before they do more harm to weak minded American citizens.

Will you please come to the aid of the American citizens you are supposed to be protecting?  It is not your job to protect government.  Do not fall for any of Obama's socialist mind-control tactics. He is the enemy.  He has been assisting the enemy for 8 years, along with the Clinton murderers and the Bush crime family.  John McCain is a pussy traitor also so don't forget him either.  These UN troops are in the USA because of him.  He is a traitor, the lowest form of scum and filth in the world.  Watch this entire video and listen closely to the entire thing. If you do not come to the aid of the American people after swearing an oath in front of God, then God help your soul on the day of judgement, and there will be a judgement day.  HELP US!  At 2:00PM EST every day of the week, people have agreed to join in prayer for the protection of Donald Trump, Mike Pence an innocent American citizens. Please set your calendar for 1:59 PM every day.



FACT:  The United States Government is Hijacked by Very Evil People. FACT: The United States Government & Globalists Have Sold Us All Out!  FACT: United Nations Troops Are Here in the USA to Take Your Guns, Food, and Emergency Supplies.  FACT: The Controlling Zionist, Jesuit, Luciferian, Nazi and Eugenicist Globalists are Planning the Mass Murder of Millions of Americans. FACT:  Serving Your Country is NOT "Defending America", it is Making The Globalist New World Order Agenda a Reality!
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