Evil Jew Illuminati Globalists Use Bio-Weapons To Kill Humanity
Adore The Sacred Heart of Jesus Christ - Crush Evil Jew Men and Freemason Illuminati
Adore The Sacred Heart of Jesus Christ - Crush Evil Jew Men and Freemason Illuminati
YouTube Name - Tired All The Time_ - Here May Be Why - Population Control
YouTube Link - https://youtu.be/-ZvuKv_4zJU
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The Video at the Bottom of This Page Has Been Censored (Removed) By Your Government, aka Google. Tyrannical Globalist Evil Jew Men Prepare The Mind-Controlled Masses For The Chaos That is About to Ensue, So They Can Continue Enslaving The Planet, Which is Flat and in a Fixed Position.  The Military Industrial Complex and The Remainder of the Puppet Government Evil Jew Illuminati Psychopaths Continue To Spray Various Geographic Regions With Aluminum, Barium, Strontium, Lithium, Manganese and in Some Situations, Human Blood, on the Mass Population, Which is Causing GBS, Morgellans and Other Illnesses in People With Specific DNA. A Harsh Reality That Has Been Proven By Many But Stopped By None.  Who Are These Spineless People That Fail To Exude Any Authority Against The Weaklings With Mommy Issues That Are Giving The Orders To Spray All World Citizens? IT IS NOT A CONSPIRACY THEORY THAT YOUR GOVERNMENT IS SPRAYING YOU WITH BIOWEAPONS!  IT IS A PROVEN FACT.  Why Are People Afraid To Stand Up To These Evil Barbarians? Who is To Blame?  The Mind-Controlled U.S. Military with Mommy Issues Are To Blame Because They Continue To Mindlessly Take Orders From Their Masters and Never Ask Questions.  Furthermore, it is Wrong and They Know it, but They Continue to Do it.  Much of Our Society Consists of Weakling Judges, Lawyers, Military and Police Who Are Order Followers, Trained To Follow The Rules and Never Question Authority, Which Means To Never Think For Themselves and Speak Out Against These Crimes Against Humanity.  These People Are Not Standing Up For The Truth and Exposing Evil.  Instead, They Are Either Clueless, Full of Fear and Cowering in a Corner Somewhere, or Completely Obedient To Their Luciferian Masters. These Are Dire Times For American Citizens. Expose The Truth and Don't Be A Bunch of Pussies Who Wronfully Follow Evil Orders!  That Means All Military Personnel, Police Forces, Lawyers, Judges and All People in Positions of Authority, Including Government.  Stand Up For The Truth!  In The Coming Weeks or Months Do Not Fall For Any Deceptions Brought Upon The Planet When The Annunaki Arrive.  Also, it's Quite Possible That Obama is the Anti-Christ and Pope Francis is The Luciferian False Prophet. They Are All Working Together!  Never Before Has There Ever Been Such A Loud Scream For Humanity To Wake Up.  Watch The Video Completely and WAKE UP ALL AMERICANS EVERYWHERE!  PUT AN END TO THESE HORRIFIC CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY, THE MIND-CONTROL (GOVERNMENT) AND SLAVERY!  THE FOLLOWING VIDEO HAS BEEN CENSORED BY GOVERNMENT, AKA GOOGLE, AND CAN NO LONGER BE FOUND ON YOUTUBE!