Concealed carry licenses are being denied to supporters of the Constitution, highly ranked military officers that were fired by treasonist Obama for opposing his tryannical draconian sytle dictatorial destruction of the United States of America, honorably discharged Veterans, Christians, and all other good people who know precisely what this corrupt and totally hijacked United States government is illegally planning for the American population, with the help of extremely wealthy Zionist and Luciferian globalists, Vatican Jesuit infiltrators, and evil-to-the-core wealthy eugenicists that have currently moved to their safe havens in more than 124 Deep Underground Military Bases, bought and paid for by the American people, the victims of NASA lies, Vatican infiltrators, numerous false flag events and other propaganda centered around terrorism and fear, to master the human domain through mind-control.

The Secret Service, Luciferian CIA and Military Industrial Complex must be carefully examined for their treasonist actions that lead to dissaray and chaos throughout the world and USA, and their support of the corrupt CIA groomed and appointed United States leader of the USA, Barry Soetoro, aka Barack Obama, aka false prophet, and deceptive fake anti-christ traitor of the American people who works covertly with the Vatican anti-christ to wreak havoc on the planet to ultimately destroy the entire world and create order out of chaos for the emergence of a Luciferian New World Order that will have grave consequences for not only Americans but all citizens of the flat Earth, as they are permanently enslaved even moreso than they already are, to such a degree it is beyond a purely criminal offense to the welfare of all citizens of the world, especially Americans since the globalists are getting lots of practice in other countries before they tackle Americans who will not go down without a fight.  Keep that in mind though, because they have, which is why they are trying to do it in such a way that it evolves into world domination behind the backs of Americans or due to some cataclym Americans will open their arms and plead for help from the government, and this is precisely what they are counting on.

The conspiracy I'm speaking of is so monstrous and so confusing to the average mind, since fact and fiction have purposely been mixed together to control the minds of the American people, just like the Luciferian entertainment industry continues to do, so it is only clearly understood as plausible reality rather than fact by average American citizens, but thanks to a well informed society of truthers who have carefully placed together all the facts, in an attempt to save the planet and the American people from losing their sovereignty, God-given rights and protection under the United States Constitution, and freedom, we have reached the final definitive conclusion that portrays a world in deep trouble with an even more grim reality for the American people if they don't rise to the occassion and discern the truth for themselves or trust those who have and join hands and weapons in the final fight for true freedom by destroying the enemies before they destroy us all completely and its too late to recover. This is in fact a spiritual war which needs to be forefront in the minds of all those who are participating in destroying the Luciferian New World Order Agenda.

Americans now fear for their lives more than ever before because the Zionist, Luciferian, Nazi, Communist and Reptilian controlled United States Government personnel have already used and will continue to use tyrannical methods to become a dictatorship and destroy a nation by criminally signing numerous executive orders that strip Americans of their Constitutional protection and God-Given rights under "Natural Law", the only law man should follow. They have been killing Americans for 240 years, are currently still killing and experimenting on Americans and are planning to weaken, make ill and kill more American people with chemtrails, Fluoride, GMOs, vaccines, toxins, DEWs, Smart Meters, approximately 1200 FEMA deathcamps, Walmart military bases, 30,000 guillotines, gas chambers and much more. Walmart stores are in fact military bases and the psychopaths who created them have covertly equipped 7 strategically located stores near FEMA deathcamps with razor wire, security cameras, guard towers in the four corners of the store that will make the hair on your neck stand up and a separate room constructed by a couple workers who were sworn to secrecy not to reveal that they are equipped with one or two guillotines for citizens who refuse to take the mark of the beast, the RFID chip or barcode tattoo, as well as a separate room equipped as a gas chamber. You may be asking "how could they get away with this"?  If you don't know the anser that then you must keep researching until it all makes sense to you and the grim outlook for Americans is painted before your very eyes.  They violently oppose supporters of the Constitution, gun owners, Christians, veterans and anyone else who opposes the government's draconian philosophy and Luciferian New World Order agenda, and will come right out and say it. They have stolen trillions of fiat currency dollars from the American people for the past 240 years through banker's wars (for global domination and Luciferian sacrificial purposes only, not defense), fake NASA missions to the moon and many other lies to pay for the construction of more than 120 D.U.M.B.s (Deep Underground Military Bases) for the continuity of government and sick tyrannical government missions such as a meticulously planned EMP attack, Nuclear attack or both, to force Americans into the FEMA deathcamps so they have full control of them and are able to implement their Luciferian New World Order agenda. They have also purposely hidden our history by fabricating more lies, exaggering or flipping the outcome of historical events, for which they now use The Common Core curriculm to indoctrinate new Americans, because school systems have disregarded their dignity and moral code in exchange for the almighty fiat dollar. Furthermore, the biggest secret known to the world, that the Earth is truly flat and that the Jesuits and Luciferians are hiding God from the world, continues to be the "Greatest American Swindle" ever. They created terrorism and have ruthlessly killed thousands of people during thousands of false flag attacks throughout the years.

The Zionist globalists and Vatican Jesuits orchestrated the 9/11 attack, the demolition of building 7, the explosion at the pentagon, wars, famines, genocides and democides to please their master "Lucifer".  The corrupt U.S. government has been plotting to turn the USA into just another land mass for their Nazi communist world, as they make it more and more difficult for people to get mortgages for homes in suburban neighborhoods, allowing only the extremely wealthy to live in these areas, as they squeeze the middle class into the cities with the poor. If you are even able to succussfully buy land or a home in a suburban or wooded area, READ THE CONTRACT! 

If idiot punks, Liberals and other people are the ones refusing to give people concealed carry licenses then it's time to involve Oath Keepers in every state. Surely they know a lot of people with guns that can raid the whitehouse to win control of the government back to the people. Tell these idiots that were specifically chosen for this job to visit to learn why Americans MUST RISE UP and be prepared mentally, physically, militarily, and especially spiritually for the biggest deception these sick psychopath globalists and their hired ISIS members are planning for the USA.  WHERE ARE ALL OATH KEEPERS? DON YOUR WEAPONS! RISE UP! STOCK UP! or millions of American are going to die in another carefully orchestrated cataclym a billion times worse than 9/11.  Be concientious of where you send your children to college.  Most colleges are controlled by Jesuits and they have a mission that is not in alignment with Jesus Christ, even though they will tell you so.  They are liars and deceivers of the worst kind.

West Point Fascism is a Disgrace To The United States Constitution and Sickens Me When I Hear Another High School Student is Going To Become Corrupted By These Military Traitors. They Have Targeted The American People As The Enemy. Let's Get These Sick Reptilians Fired and Incarcerated!

Spend A Day Reading This Closely and You'll Be One Step Closer To Understanding The Grave Danger Americans Are In.
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