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List of Evil Facts About The Hijacked United States Government
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FACT:  The United States Government is Hijacked by Very Evil People and is Guilty of Treason!

The United States Government & Freemason Globalists Have Sold Us All Out and Are Guilty of Treason!

FACT:  Freemasons Are The Most Powerful Terrorist Organization in the World, Guilty of Treason! 

United Nations Troops Are Here in the USA to Take Your Guns, Food, and Emergency Supplies, Guilty of Treason!

The Controlling Zionist, Jesuit, Luciferian, Nazi and Eugenicist Globalists are Planning the Mass Murder of Millions of Americans, Guilty of Treason!

Serving Your Country is NOT "Defending America", it is Making The Globalist New World Order Agenda a Reality! Knowing and Continuing Serve is Treason! 

FACT:  The Cloward-Piven Model is Being Used To Kill The Dollar Which is Treason! 

FACT:  Criminal Barack Obama (Barry Soetoro) is Testing American Troops and Firing The Ones Who Will NOT Shoot American Citizens.  Guilty of Treason!

FACT:  9/11 Was an Inside Job of the Zionist Freemasons.   This is Treason!

FACT:  The Patriot Act Was Signed and Ready Prior To The Zionist Attacks on 9/11.  This is Treason!

FACT:  The Use Of Propaganda in the USA Was Legalized Just Before 9/11 but That Fact Has Been Removed From the Internet.

FACT:  The United States Government is a Terrorist Organization that Caters to Freemason Luciferian Globalists and Sends Military Troops Overseas to Carry Out Acts of Violence and Aggression For The Sole Purpose of Creating a Luciferian New World Order to Dominate and Destroy America and the Constitution!  This is Treason!

FACT: All Walmart Locations Can Potentially Be Used As Military Bases and Weapons Supply Depots but are Secretly Being Used To RFID Chip and Process Innocent Americans Who Oppose a Luciferian New World Order and Oppression by a Tyrannical Hijacked Government.  The Walmart Family is Guilty of Treason!

FACT: Several Strategically Located Walmart Stores Were Closed Without Notice To Their Employees and Turned Into RFID Chipping and Dissident Processing Centers.  They Are Equipped With Razor Wire, Guard Towers and Guillotines.  This is Treason! 

FACT:  The United States Government Uses Propaganda Mind-Control Tactics To Shift The Collective Consciousness of All Americans To Believe All Christians, Supporters of the Constitution, Gun Owners, Veterans, Anti-Abortionists, Anti-Gay Activists, Anti-Evil Activists,  and Anyone Else Who Opposes an Anti-Constitutional New World Order, Fall Into The Dissident Category!

FINAL FACT:  Pay attention to "TRUTH MEDIA".  CNN has a lot of nerve! CNN reporters are endangering the lives of ALL AMERICANS by not being the eyes and ears for the American people in this grand experiment, America, as they were supposed to do! CNN reporters have betrayed the trust and confidence of the American people by purposely withholding vital information regarding the Freemason Zionist Cult and all the other Freemason cults that are purposely working together to destroy America, Freemason Jesuits, Freemason Luciferians, Freemason Nazis, and Freemason Eugenicists, and there is never an excuse for betrayal. Any way you look at it, it is the Freemason Terrorist Cult Society that had the nerve to intimidate Corporate Executive Journalists into withholding information from the public for the past 70 years or so. Now they are offloading United Nations combat vehicles in the USA, which is the biggest act of treason ever committed on American soil, and only one of many. They have been importing these combat vehicles and troops for the past 4 years that I know of, and NOT for nothing. They have strategically moved these vehicles to locations near areas known gun owners reside and are planning an all-out attack on the American people. They have prepared for these villainous acts of treason against the American people right under their noses, purposely making propaganda legal in the USA, for the first time since it was made illegal in 1948, so they can brainwash the American people into drooling imbeciles. However, the American people are waking up in huge numbers, getting informed on a daily basis regarding the upcoming act of terror the United States Terrorist Government and Freemason Terrorist Cult Society is illegally planning for the American people. They know this is what these two terrorist organizations want, a Civil War. It is an abomination and a disgrace, this Administration of American traitors. As the American people get prepared, be advised that THEY WILL WIN by getting to the root of this evil and extracting all Freemason Terrorist Cult Member Maggots from the sewers they reside in to be detained indefinitely as CONFIRMED AND PROVEN TERRORISTS! Then they are going to take down every dirty politician in Washington D.C., past and present, and bring in a new form of government that has NO power over the people, works and sucks the asses of the American people, like it is supposed to do, holding all high ranking government traitors accountable for orchestrating a United Nations takeover of the United States of America. These high ranking military general traitors, high ranking police traitors and high ranking law makers will quickly see the inside of a 9x9 prison cell, indefinitely, while giving anyone who wishes to watch them rotting in prison the ability to visit them and throw peanuts at them, for a nominal fee that will be used to pay down the deficit. Until the deficit is paid, these criminals will rot in prison under Obama's "Indefinite Detention". Happy Death Man! No Regrets Man! America WILL see the end of these terrorist traitors in Government and Shadow Government. Their days are coming to a close and any harsh moves will only expedite the matter. It is blatantly obvious the media is programming the minds of Americans "TO ACCEPT" a series of nuclear attacks. Hopefully the Jihadists carrying out these tasks will see the error in their actions and turn their sights on the real criminals who are systematically and incrementally destroying the USA. The Freemason Terrorist Society and the United States Terrorist Government has prepared very carefully for these upcoming acts of treason by purchasing approximately 30,000 guillotines, staffing and repairing more than 1200 FEMA deathcamps, closing and modifying several Walmart RFID chipping and guillotine centers, and equipping tem with underground tunnels to herd dissidents like cattle to their deaths by gas chambers recently installed in the FEMA deathcamps. FEMA IS NOT YOUR FRIEND. NOR, ARE CLERGY RESPONSE TEAMS. They have prepared by sabotaging Blue Bell Ice Cream with Listeria so they could covertly acquire their trucks, which have been spotted traveling in JADE HELM military convoys in large numbers for the past two years. Obviously these trucks will be used to transport dead and rotting bodies to the Stackable Coffin Graveyards, containing the millions of coffins they have purchased in preparation for these acts of treason. The Walmart Family is Guilty of Treason. The entire government is guilty of treason and all those associated with Freemasonry, in any capacity, are guilty of treason. All secret society members are guilty of treason and quite honestly, getting to the root of the problem by tracking down all of these American traitors should've been done during the JFK Administration. The Zionists that orchestrated 9/11 to get the ball rolling, with the help of other Freemason Luciferians, Jesuits, Nazis and Eugenicists, are ALL GUILTY OF TREASON and deserve the death penalty, by court of law or whatever method works to preserve the Constitution, which is completely legal according to the Constitution that most Americans think we are still protected by, because the government is full of traitors who are keeping that hidden as well. The fact that Constitutional Lawyers in the USA have made so little progress against these American traitors tells me a lot about the willingness of all Constitutional lawyers in the USA to unite and take these criminals down, including all past presidents that are still living and guilty of incrementally dismantling and destroying our Sovereignty and Constitution. It is a disgrace that Constitutional lawyers are not battling these traitors to convict them of high treason. I am going to spit up. GOD BLESS AMERICA AND EVERYONE WHO IS GOING TO HAVE NO CHOICE BUT TO MAKE SOME HEADS ROLL OR DIE IN A FEMA DEATHCAMP. Obama, the Clinton murderers, and the Bush crime family all need to bitch-slapped for an hour without stopping. They are a disgrace for allowing these wealthy Freemason Terrorist Cult Members to control the already dysfunctional United States Terrorist Government. The mentality of mind-controlled Americans makes me sick when they crack stupid jokes at a time like this. Regardless of how legal these criminals have made it for these UN troops to be here in the USA right now, the completely corrupt U.S. Government has committed multiple acts of treason to get this far by illegally making this process of bringing 353,000 UN troops and endless trainloads of UN combat vehicles into the USA legal, if it even is legal. IT IS STILL TREASON based on the Sovereign America all Americans have been tricked into believing they are still living in due to mind-control propaganda that has made the public completely unaware of how the United States Terrorist Government has been going to great lengths to purposely keep their acts of treason hidden from the public.
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