Please listen to me closely. This video will explain why spreading the information of all these world issues is so critical for our survival. What we think is happening is only a small fraction of what they have planned. It is similar to cornering the market in that movie "Trading Places" with Eddie Murphy. Once they corner everything the shit will then hit the fan. It "is" coming but it can be stopped. Everyone has to participate in waking up the world. Listen to this video very very closely and you will understand these diabolical people that are pulling all the strings and causing all of these false flag gun attacks. Some of them are Lucifeians and are responsible for missing babies and children. They terrorize them and crucify them while alive so they can drink their blood in a state of terror. This rabbit hole goes very deep and knowing what I know I could never give up on fighting this fight. Another note: NO! DAVID ICKE IS NOT A CULT LEADER OR A FALSE PROPHET. HE IS A GENUINELY GOOD PERSON WHO KNOWS THINGS ABOUT HIS WORLD THAT MOST PEOPLE NEVER THINK OF EVEN ONCE DURING THEIR LIFETIME BECAUSE OF MIND-CONTROL, FLUORIDE AND OTHER TOXINS.  If you listen to him you will understand all of the evil in this world. Ironically, he is only re-enforcing what I already knew, which helps me believe the puzzle I've put together is true. We are in deep, deep trouble if we cannot stop these evil Jesuit bankers, Zionists and Vatican Luciferians. If you don't believe they are worshiping Lucifer at the Vatican you would be dangerously mistaken. It is critical that you pray daily in addition to learning and sharing this content. It is so important that you know how to enter the Kingdom of heaven through Jesus Christ. There are many pastors, priests and seemingly good people who thought they were going to heaven but ended up in hell. How do I know that? I just do. I'm not stupid and never have been. I've always been able to see things in their true context while the rest of the world walks around drooling inside their bubble. DO NOT GET CAUGHT IN THE BUBBLE! If we cannot get the mainstream media to start revealing the truth and stop withholding incriminating information to put these people, including Obama, all whitehouse democrats and Liberals behind bars for crimes against humanity, plotting to kill the U.S. dollar, plotting against Americans, their sovereignty and the Constitution, then will will see true tyranny by the end of 2016. People need to wake up in huge numbers and there needs to be a revolution or we will sink. Their next plan of attack will be mass Christian deaths in the USA. We have to put aside all self love and admiration and come to the agreement that 9/11 was created as an excuse for all that's followed in order to see the full picture and not get caught up on the dots in the middle. The details don't matter.


9/11 Was Caused So Everything That's Happening Now Could Happen.  Anti-Christ Obama's Plans For A New World Order Come From A Wealthy Cabal of Jesuit Bankers, Israeli and Washington D.C. Zionists and Vatican Luciferians.  Plans For A New World Order Have Been Around For Hundreds of Years But Never Have They Been So Close To Accomplishing Their Goals.  Mind-Controlled U.S. Citizens, Military Troops, Lawyers, Judges and Police Forces Must Wake Up in Huge Numbers and Have The Courage To Stop This New World Order From Enslaving Mankind.  Jesus Christ Does Win in the End But it is Our Duty to Resist Tyranny Spiritually With Prayer and Physically by Outsmarting Them.  The Anti-Christ Obama Must Be Impeached.  Zionist Joe Biden Must Be Removed From His Position of Authority in Addition to All Democratic Politicians in Satanic Washington D.C.  Pray the Rosary Daily.  Prayer is the Best Way To Battle in This Spiritual War.

Attention all Muslim and Islam radicals.  Lay down your weapons.  These globalist elites are using you to accomplish their New World Order.  They have supplied you with weapons so you will not only kill each other, creating chaos in your own countries but so you will create chaos in other countries with those very same weapons so they can come to the rescue of humanity and create order out of chaos with a New World Order, a one world government and one world religion.  They are going to throw you to the curb when they are done with you, meaning they are GOING TO KILL YOU. Turn your life over to Jesus Christ and repent for your sins.  He will forgive you as will all the Christians you have harmed.  You are making a grave mistake by not following Jesus Christ.  This is an attempt to save your soul.  Jesus Christ will forgive you if you ask him to enter your heart and give you the grace to understand how much he loves you. Please stop this unnecessary Satanic killing. Try Jesus Christ in your life and you will have a much improved life here on Earth and an abundance of love and joy in heaven. 
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