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No, Donald Trump is not racist!, nor is he dangerous, which I am screaming at the top of my lungs to the entire planet but especially to the ignorant sheep who insist he implied, at numerous conventions, that Mexicans and Latino's are rapists and killers, even though he explained what he meant when he made these statements to the world.  HE WAS TRYING TO WAKE UP ALL THE DUMB-ASSES, ESPECIALLY LIBERALS WITH PRINCIPLES.  He explained thoroughly how he wasn't a racist after making the comment, but the people have "cognitive dissonance" and DO NOT LISTEN BECAUSE THEY ARE UNDER CIA AND GLOBALIST MIND CONTROL. These poor people fell right into the trap of the globalists who are masters of deceit and other Luciferian trickery. Donald Trump, in what now appears to be a futile attempt to open the eyes of these and many other weak minded gullible sheep, was implying that the globalists have purposely left the borders open so rapists and killers would enter America, which is 100 percent true. It is the globalists who want to create as much chaos and fear in America as possible to give them leverage towards the militarization of police forces, the shrinking of the Constitution, the slow approach to gun control, etc. This was their tactical intention. Here's the rationale:  Good Mexican people who have good Mexican jobs don't desire to come to America. It just so happens that among the few good people who creep across the borders into God's country are a mass quantity of bad people that enter this country and commit crime. They rape, murder, steal and lie. The globalists are purposely trying to instill fear into the masses to add fuel to their Luciferian New World Order Agenda. This is what Donald Trump meant when he said "He loves Mexicans and Latinos but the people who are entering the country are NOT THE GOOD ONES. By the power of the Zionist owned and Luciferian controlled mainstream media, a mass majority of weak-minded human beings believe he is a racist, because these people have not learned that these globalist scumbags own and control the mainstream media and every industry in the world, as planned by a 240 year old Illuminati agenda. They use violence, blackmail and coersion to control the media and entertainment industries at the highest levels and those who don't comply are dealt with, sometimes like Prince, David Bowie or the latest Supreme Court Judge, or the 40,000 high ranking military personnel who wouldn't go along with Obama's plan to destroy America, or the plane full of astronauts who were going to reveal the truth about Earth to the people.  Obama is a disgrace to the flag and everyone in their right mind should be flying their flag upside down to spread the message that we are "A NATION IN SERIOUS DISTRESS" thanks to these corrupt Washington D.C. politicians and the wealthy globalists who own and control them.  Donald Trump even went so far as to say he hires hundreds of Latinos and Mexicans, the people he is accused of being racist against, and it went right over their heads. This proves once again how our human minds have been conditioned to believe "ONLY" what the mainstream media tells us. My point all along has been for people to not believe anything the mainstream media tells them because they are always playing to the tune of some form of deceit and corrupt agenda to master the human domain and permanently enslave humanity with a Luciferian One World Government, One World Leader, One World Military, One World Court and One World Religion. Just ask the Pope, but you'll quickly learn "The Pope Lies Too".  If you don't believe that a group of extremely wealthy and powerful globalists could get together at Bilderberg meetings and invite talk-show hosts such as Oprah and others to help with their plans, you would be gravely mistaken. I even saw a parody that some DingALing created, implying that Donald Trump was being groomed to be some sort of tyrannical world leader. Once again the globalists have affected another person's mind. They have used their flip-flp propaganda to make Donald Trump appear as they are, tyrannical, but once again, this goes over the heads of a completely brainwashed society and world, with America leading the race as the most brainwashed people in the world. How I would love to slap some sense into these people. The glazed-eyed, drooling American people who are unable to discern the truth from a vast internet resource need YOU to wake them up promptly, or they too will be laying facedown on a bench in some FEMA deathcamp staring at a pile full of decapitated heads for being Christians, Veterans, Supporters of the Constitution, Anti-Abortion Activists, Anti-Pedophilia Activists, Tea Party Activists, Gun Owners and anyone else who is a threat to their diabolical pyschotic Illuminati organization like Prince, Joan Rivers, David Bowie, 40,000 high ranking military personnel and a mile-long list of other people who were either fired from their influential jobs or murdered.  No expense will be spared and no quantity of lives, both human beings and animals, are too many for them to destroy in their quest for world domination and a Luciferian New World Order.  They will kill the entire planet if that means getting their Luciferian New World Order, and this is what they intend to do.  Explain this logic to the sheeple please.  Better yet, share it and explain it. Why will nobody share these critical messages?  It is like some sort of twilight zone episode where everyone is walking around like a bunch of mind-controlled zombies, and there you have the zombie apocalypse.  Everything you want to know about our future and the globalist's diabolical plans can be found in some form of news and entertainment media because that was the deal God made with Satan.  Satan must follow a certain code of ethics.  Once you see for yourself what I'm talking about you will be astounded by the world around you and just how dangerous it really is.  Furthermore, Barack Obama, aka Barry Soetoro, was groomed and appointed president of the USA by the CIA and military industrial complex with hardly the appropriate credentials to do the job as President of the USA, but the globalists knew they could cater to the minds of the very races, religions, and genders they've purposely divided and created tension between in order to discreetly gain control of the American people, with the help of HAARP, Chemtrails, Fluoride, GMOs (Short Lives Don't Live Long Enough To Wake Up) and their well known "divide and conquer" strategy. When I see people chanting O-Bam-a! I want to spit up because these are the weak minded people that brought this country down, faster than ever before, along with people who don't know the truth about Hillary, who she works for and what she and her group of nazi communists are planning for the American people, DEATH. All of these people hate the USA. THEY ARE THE ONES WHO ARE RACIST! IF YOU DON'T TRUST DONALD TRUMP NOW THEN I CAN ASSURE YOU THERE WILL COME A DAY REAL SOON WHEN HILLARY CLINTON SHOWS HER TRUE COLORS, as she's done so many times before in the many crimes she's committed, but the public paid no attention to it, as they walked around drooling with their glazed eyes.  These Zionist, Luciferian, Nazi Communist and Eugenicist freaks are psychotic individuals who will stop at nothing in the name of tyrannical world domination. No obstacle is too large for them to tackle and they don't care how many lives they destroy to achieve their goal.  Don't believe me, look at 9/11 and then carefully examine the history lessons you've been taught to see just how fabricated and exaggerated they really are, and learn what they were really doing as they disguised and lied about history, the GREATEST AMERICAN SWINDLE OF ALL TIME. Trust me when I tell you they were not defending the United States. It has never been about defense but they sell it as that with their miniature American flags,"FALSE FLAG PATRIOTISM" and a warm and loving TV show called "The Waltons", only to learn 60 years later that the Waltons are aiding the United States Government and all Walmart stores are really military bases, but NOT FOR DEFENSE!!!!!!.  IT IS A DISGRACE!  THEY ARE A DISGUSTING BUNCH OF POWER HUNGRY VERMON". The United States Corporation has been hijacked and the weak minded Latinos, Mexicans, the Elderly and Sick American people, or simply the uneducated ones who Obama so eagerly gave citizenship to for the purpose of fooling them to gain their vote and willingness to follow him to their death are the ones who are unknowningly destroying this country by not paying attention to the details and carefully examining all the facts. 240 years ago they set out to destroy this country morally, spiritually and physically and now we have Agenda 21, Rex84 and a long list of other declassified agendas to destroy America that are cleverly worded to have alternate meanings. We have a similar situation with that demon bull-dyke bitch, Hillary Rodsuck Clinton and a proven communist Bernie Sanders, which says a lot about Americans considering their popularity, AND WE HAVE THE INTERNET AT OUR DISPOSAL, for the time being anyhow, so it makes no sense that these people cannot find the truth online, unless they either don't know how to read, or have comprehension issues or attention deficit disorders, or are TOO LAZY, or DON'T CARE.  All existing politicians who have not been fired by Obama are all supporters of a Tyrannical Nazi Communist America and American people need to wake the fuck up because I am getting sick and tired of repeating the same urgent messages over and over without the help of anyone. Please share this post with all of your social media sites. How hard is it to click a button or two?  If you don't believe a word of this then you are in for a rude awakening real soon when Obama takes the reigns again for another 42 months, extracts your family members from your home at 3AM and the next thing you see is you last new home, the FEMA deathcamps. We cannot let them sabotage Donald Trump. I realize people are lazy and won't even read this but it is so important that they do. Please share this message and my website http://www.stoptheglobalists.com for starters. You are not going to live anyhow so you may as well go out in a ball of glory, making it extremely difficult for these psychopaths in Washington D.C. to get their way. THEY HAVE NO EMPATHY!  THEY WILL KILL AMERICANS!  THEY ARE ALREADY DOING IT!  THE LONGER YOU WAIT TO GROW A PAIR AND START SHARING MY MESSAGES, THE QUICKER PEOPLE ARE GOING TO DIE AND THE STRONGER THEY WILL BECOME SO EVEN MORE PEOPLE CAN DIE.  THEY ARE GOING TO USE THE NEXT MAJOR U.S. OR GLOBAL CATACLYSM TO CATAPULT THEM INTO A NEW MILITARISTIC AGE WHERE AMERICAN CITIZENS HAVE NO RIGHTS AND NO FREEDOM AND ONLY THE SELECT GET TO LIVE.  BELIEVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!