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Journalists!, Humanity Needs All Journalists To Speak The Truth!

It only takes "ONE" person each day to reveal some truth about any topic the mainstream media is withholding regarding corruption of any type, to start a mass awakening.  All hidden corruption, when jumbled together, will take you down the rabbit hole to know what it is we know and the biggest story ever told by mankind, a ruse to dominate and control the entire planet and human civilization, as slaves.  Humanity is pleading with ALL journalists worldwide to come forward with any information that can help bury these globalists, zionists, Jesuits and luciferians, who as you know, do not care about your health or life and are planning to kill billions of people.  They are responsible for more deaths each day than natural causes and even those are highly questionable, which you will soon uncover.  Many of these globalists are Illuminati and are taking this world, especially the United States, in a very evil direction.  Please take one for humanity and come forward with information about these "evil-to-the-core" globalists.  Join together and organize yourselves.  If your publishing the truth leads to their incarceration and if you lose your job as a result of coming forward, refer to this message and we will raise you ALL enough money to live comfortably for a year or more. I am going out on a limb saying this but I am fairly certain, if anything you do helps to get even one of these people locked up but causes the loss of your job that Alex Jones, with the help of myself and many other people could help raise enough money for your survival. We want to help ALL journalists who fall victim to this by starting an organization that protects journalists and actually entices them to tell the truth. You are humanity's only hope and we are all counting on you.  Please come forward with all truthful media, not withholding anything. You will help make this world a better place by providing enough information to prosecute these inhumane barbarians.  The information you provide will help corner the militarized forces that they created, lock them up for life, with no outside contact and no control of the outside world.  Help remove all corrupt politicians, globalists, zionists, Jesuits and luciferians, etc. and you will go down in history as a "true" humanitarian, not like David Rockefeller who has been known to be a philanthropist but is part of the problem.  On the surface the charitable contributions of these globalists is praise-worthy, until you see the underlying plot contained within, and this applies to EVERY charitable contribution any globalist scumbag has ever made. Just like they have changed history to make themselves appear to be on our side, while they poison us with chemicals in our food, water and air, we will change history to make you the true humanitarian that sacrificed a great deal by doing what was right for humanity and letting the mass population know what these evil people are illegally planning and have illegally gotten away with over the centuries. HELP US AND WE WILL HELP YOU. THAT IS MY PROMISE TO ALL JOURNALISTS WHO LOSE THEIR JOB AFTER REVEALING INFORMATION ABOUT THESE GLOBALIST SCUMBAGS THAT LEADS TO THEIR INCARCERATION AND DEMISE. PLEASE DO WHAT IS RIGHT AND IN ACCORDANCE WITH "NATURAL LAW". OUR FAMILIES AND CHILDREN ALONG WITH FUTURE FAMILIES AND CHILDREN NEED YOU TO REVEAL WHAT IS BEING HIDDEN AND ALSO TELL THE TRUTH WHEN THERE ARE TRUTHS TO BE TOLD.

These evil people have started wars and genocides to not only profit from them, but to sacrifice the lives of hundreds of thousands of innocent people to please their master "Lucifer".  They are currently spraying chemtrails throughout the world, in various locations, toxins that they are probably protected from because they are literally possessed by demons.  Do not take any of this lightly or as impossible if you are not expereinced with other dimensions and the fact that evil does exist, in the same degree that good exists. If you've had a spiritual awakening then this will all make perfect sense to you.  If not, it will sound silly and cartoon-like.  I cannot emphasize in enough words or by action how wrong you would be to think evil does not exist.  Many of our "trusted" politicians are being led to lead this world down a very dark path of destruction and evil, beyond your wildest imagination, by these evil oligarchs.  Please heed this kind advice that your jobs are not as important as saving the entire planet from these monsters.  We will do everything in our power to protect you.  If you can somehow convince others to investigate, before the United Nations puts limitations on internet content, which they are planning this very second, then there may be hope. Whatever it is you are withholding about these globalists, you must go live with and it must be repetetive, to spark the much needed wake-up call of billions of people world-wide, especially in the United States, where mind-control is just as common as drinking and eating the intoxicated foods they cram down our throats each day.  These people are evil-to-the-core and only YOU JOURNALISTS can bring this information into the mind-controlled public's living room.  By someone's prayer you have found this page. Please think long and hard about your next decisions.  It is imperitive that you follow my lead on this. There are millions of awakened people.  Perhaps you could first do a story on that to understand just what it is we are talking about.  We certainly can't all be wrong and furthermore, they are very bold about what they are planning. They inject all of their intentions, "as a requirement I suppose", into all forms of media, whether it be by music, advertisement, and hollywood movies.  They have a very strong grip on the entertainment industry, as you may or may not know.  PLEASE HELP YOUR FELLOW AMERICAN CITIZENS AND CITIZENS OF THE FLAT EARTH. 

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