Hello Fellow Human Beings With A Soul,

I'm reaching out to you today because I'm hoping you can get this message out to as many mainstream media journalists as possible.  It is a matter of great urgency that you get this message to ALL of them, the ones who aren't corrupt that have fallen victim to globalist Illuminati mainstream media mind-control, manipulation and their specialty, "USING MONEY AS POWER". Our country is falling apart at turbo speed and depending on how much you know it's a hundred times worse and growing exponentially. Everyday I see people sharing important content among themselves and squabbling back and forth over very serious political issues but it never seems to go anywhere.  If it's not in the mainstream media then it doesn't exist.  That's the mind control paradigm we've been trained for. WE HAVE TO GET THESE GLOBALISTS EXPOSED IN THE MAINSTREAM MEDIA. I've gathered enough rough information here that can be substantiated and must not be swept aside and ignored. Complacency here will literally get millions of people killed. For too long these issues have been ignored. I cannot emphasize that enough and I hope you feel the sense of urgency in this message.  This message was written for all journalists who have either forgotten how to be ethical and loyal to fellow citizens of the planet by reporting the truth or not withholding information based on who pays the most, and journalists who know its time to do the right thing and protect Americans by exposing the truth about these evil Luciferians once and for all. Journalists must step away from this paradigm for just one month.  That's about all the time it will take, with the help of numerous journalists all contributing to this cause by sharing and exposing everything they know, to get many of these Bilderberg and Bohememain grove Satanists incarcerated.  It must get hammered in the public's brain via mainstream media! The message reads as follows:

I realize every industry in this world is controlled by these evil Luciferian globalist pedophiles but WE must try to get this critical message to as many mainstream media journalists as possible.  There must be at least one journalist willing to tell the truth, and just as importantly, "ASK THE RIGHT QUESTIONS" to Obama, politicians and high ranking military personnel, even if that means jeopardizing their employment or even risking their life. Personally, I am one person who's ready, so there must be more.  There just must be.  THEY MUST SEE THIS MESSAGE.  GET IT TO THEM.  WHO IS RUNNING THESE NEWS REPORTING AGENCIES THAT NOT A SINGLE PERSON WILL EXPOSE THESE BARBARIANS?  Even if none of this could be proven it would still make a great case simply for being highly probable, but guess what?  NEWS FLASH!!!  THEY ARE AS GUILTY AS HELL IN ALL SITUATIONS MENTIONED HERE!  There is no denying that Obama fired 50,000 or more generals, high ranking military personnel and soldiers who wouldn't go along with his agenda, which starts with disarming Americans and then appointing himself King. THIS "IS" WHAT HE'S PLANNING! After Obama carefully calculated his next plan of attack on American sovereignty and ILLEGALLY appointed himself a chair in the United Nations, which not a peep was mentioned in the mainstream media, we now see with our own eyes thousands upon thousands of of U.N. troops and U.N. combat vehicles here in the United States right now.   Alex Jones just keeps the public running in circles which I'm starting to think is his job. This single fact was never covered in the globalist cabal controlled media and it's going to result in the death of millions of people if we don't start asking questions, the right questions, that make it impossible for them to squeam their way out of answering truthfully or completely. Wait! There's more! These Blue Bell ice cream truck sightings take this New World Order and global domination scandal even further down the rabbit hole. These trucks have been seen traveling in various numbers in military convoys and have been seen on military installations. Again nobody asked them what they were using them for. I'm sure if it was for ice cream they'd have no problem telling that to the public. Heck, they could've even lied like they always do and that would've been better than saying nothing. This proves how unstable their operation is and how vulnerable they are right now. They've also been running employment advertisements all over the world for "Internment Specialists" at FEMA death camps in the USA.

If ALL journalists would grow a pair and pounce on them, then we would stand a fighting chance. It is critical that your timing be in sync with each other so the message gets hammered home.  IMO, they are going to use the freezer trucks for transporting dead bodies after decapitation with the 30,000 guillotines the Army & Marines purchased, but again nobody asks the questions. The entire military is brainwashed and under their patriotic mind-control grip. These troops have no idea that all they're fighting for is the globalist agenda for a New World Order and a One World Religion.  Nothing less, nothing more. Most importantly, nobody ever asked Obama "WHO TOLD HIM TO USE THE MOTTO "YES WE CAN"?  When recorded into an audio recorder and played backwards it says, very clearly, "THANK YOU SATAN". This sent chills through my body when I heard it. These evil to the core Luciferians are planning a massacre of millions of people here in the USA. Nobody asked the questions about the strategically located and emptied Walmart stores equipped with razor wire on the rooftop and perimeter. The camps have tunnels to nearby FEMA death camps. If these journalists do not grow a pair and start asking the right questions and exposing these globalists that unethically control every industry in the world as well as "OUR" government by choking their throat, then we will lose this great country of ours. Sadly, we have already lost it but there's hope of getting it back, and that "DEPENDS ON BRAVE JOURNALISTS." We the people chose the government to protect and uphold the Constitution and keep the country safe from all enemies, foreign and domestic. Instead the shadow government, an evil Luciferian globalist cabal is systematically destroying our country and removing citizen's protection from tyrannical leaders.  PLEASE HELP PROTECT US!  GET THESE PEOPLE, INCLUDING OBAMA AND THE ANTI-CHRIST POPE FRANCIS THROWN IN PRISON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We need to get our country back RIGHT NOW!  WE ARE RUNNING OUT OF TIME!  The United States Government dodged all questions regarding the trillion or more dollars they stole from the treasury just after 9/11, which IMO, was the reason these globalist baby sacrificing and crucifying pedophiles decided to kill thousands of people and blame it on terrorists. Again, all of this can be proven but the media keeps them running covertly. People heard all the bombs go off and most of the people who witnessed it face on are either ill or dead from the mini-nukes or murdered.  It makes Americans think the journalists are the enemy of ALL Americans and citizens of the world. I don't know what these globalists are planning if planet Nibiru isn't headed our way but common sense tells me it's a dark and terrifying future. I'm leaning towards the strong possibility of an EMP attack to force Americans into the dark ages followed by Nuclear weapons. Of course this seems logical since millions of people have already left the country to hide in their bunkers, while others will remain in the approximately 123 D.U.M.B.S. (Deep Underground Military Bases). Several executives have either left the country or committed suicide, but nobody mentions this information in the mainstream media. What are all of the HUD containers/coffins for?  There are millions of them, as well as body bags.  Are they planning on harvesting human organs from decapitated bodies or does it go deeper than that into the occult.

Please spend the rest of your days protecting America from this tyrannical regime that is extremely close to reality.  It's already here in so many ways and the outlook is grim. I know it sounds completely insane but somebody has to ask the right questions if we are ever to get the right answers.  The ball is in your court.  Thank you in advance for helping me reach as many journalists as you know. You can make a huge difference right now.  Thank you for your help. When the country goes dark, U.N. troops will move quickly. Nobody will be in communication with each other, except the U.N. troops and U.S. military, which will allow them to move throughout the entire country relatively quickly, taking guns and families, separting the men from women and the parents from children.  They're all about breaking up the family dynamic, especially before they kill you. Killing is easy for these people.  Actually, for them, the more terrified you are, the better. You must understand that if you are going to help save millions of lives by exposing them and getting them all thrown in prison.  THIS MUST BE DONE QUICKLY AND COVERTLY!   THIS IS OUR ONLY HOPE!   WAKE UP ALL JOURNALISTS AND CITIZENS IN THE USA RIGHT NOW, AND PLAN YOUR DELIVERY OF TRUTH AND HIDDEN MEDIA TO HELP WAKE UP THE CITIZENS!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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