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Nibiru Facts, Truth, & Reality That Globalists Are Hiding. WARNING!

Nibiru is Real!  Please Heed This Warning That The Evil Globalists Don't Want You To Know. Please Share This Video. Watch This Entire Video in Full and Pay Attention. These Nibiru Facts May Save Your Life!  Prepare Yourselves Spiritually First, Physically Second. God Bless You All.  Every Tragic Event That's Occurred Since 9/11 Has Systematically Stripped Americans of All Their God-Given Rights to Freedom and Protection From Tyranny, an Orchestrated Plot by Very Evil Luciferian Pedophiles and a Very Evil Whitehouse Pedophile Ring Involving a Luciferian Globalist Shadow Government. The Tyranny That Awaits Survivors of Nibiru is Unspeakable Treachery That Would Terrify The Bravest of Men, Which is Why You Must Awaken NOW! and Awaken Others Now!

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