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I Pledge Allegiance To The Flag of The United States of America

“I pledge allegiance to the Flag, of the United States of America (Not The North American Union), and to the Republic (Not Dictatorship) for which it stands, one Nation under God (Jesus Christ, not Lucifer), indivisible, with liberty and justice for all" (Not Indefinite Detainment).

I realize all troops have good intentions and they deserve an enormous amount of respect for their intentions, patriotism, effort and lives sacrificed, but when can we be so bold and speak the truth about them so that they wake up and save their own lives and souls?  The truth is that the CIA Military Industrial Complex takes advantage of young, gullible American men and women with unworldly underdeveloped minds to condition and mold.  Not only do they psychologically destroy these men and women, turning them into obedient order followers that are trained and ordered to never question authority, they are using them to accomplish their Luciferian New World Order agenda.  These young patriotic men and women must distance themselves from Luciferian mind control by refusing to join the military, so they're no longer taken advantage of.  KEEP RECRUITERS OUT OF YOUR SCHOOLS!  They can then continue to show their patriotism for their country in legitimate ways, or, if they're completely awakened prior to joining the military they can then work covertly in the United States Military and form a militia with other awakened soldiers to turn against their Luciferian high ranking military officers. They can coordinate with their respective state to acquire military supplies to defend their state against the tyranny of their tyrannical and terrorist government and most importantly, globalism. 

Those who are already awakened, looking in upon new military service members, can quickly see that these brave young men and women are unknowingly serving the Luciferian Military Industrial Complex and a Zionist Israeli and Washington D.C New World Order agenda for the extremely wealthy and very demonic Illuminati members and Free Mason globalists?  THEY ARE SERVING SATAN AND DON'T EVEN KNOW IT!  WAKE UP ALL MILITARY PERSONNEL NOW!  This applies for people attending Sunday Mass as well.  You are unknowingly worshing Satan by attending Sunday Mass and mocking Jesus Christ.  Gather with friends and family on Saturday to form your own church in honor of Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior, and DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCE GIVE YOUR MONEY TO THE VATICAN!

I can't remember the last time the US Military was actually called into action for defending the Constitution or a country under tyrannical rule, or the people of the United States, to protect traditional American values like Christianity and the American dream, if ever, since all wars, genocides, and famines were manufactured by this deviant crew of unpatriotic traitorous globalists, globalist bankers, founded by the Rothschild family, who want nothing more than to strategically and covertly strip Americans of all their freedom, God-given rights, American values, dreams, and the American Constitution, in such a slow snake-like manner that all of their administrative, political, economic, legal, military, industrial, medical, and technological maneuvers go completely unnoticed by the mind-controlled human race because they are too busy watching football, a sport capitalized upon by the globalists for this sole purpose.  

Currently, military troops are being used to destabilize countries so they're easier to conquer and ultimately dominate for a Luciferian New World Order agenda. THE FINAL OBJECTIVES OF THESE MISSIONS ARE SATANIC AND THEY ARE MEANT TO DESTROY AMERICA FROM THE INSIDE-OUT!  David Rockefeller even thanked the Zionist owned and controlled media for keeping their secret for over 40 years and that without them they would've never been able to pull off their New World Order agenda, referring to the media using careful discretion and controlling what the public sees and doesn't see, as a means of conditioning and shaping human minds to think everything is OK so the public will go about their daily routines, paying no mind to the covert maneuvers of these evil, extremely dangerous and wealthy Luciferian globalists, who patiently and carefully inch closer towards world domination, a one world Luciferian religion, a one world court and the permanent enslavement of mankind. Yes, journalists are to blame for the demise of the world by NOT EXPOSING THESE EVIL PEOPLE BECAUSE OF THEIR WEALTH AND POWER. They have unknowingly contributed to war, famine, genocide and trillions of wrongful deaths. If journalists do not change their ways and Donald Trump is not elected as president, we can kiss the United States of America goodbye.  Americans will eventually wake up and all the big names in journalism will be hunted down like rabbits for their betrayal of the American people.

By journalists or employees of any company not questioning their superiors regarding certain out-of-the-ordinary corporate decisions, they are contributing to the total destruction of America. If the NWO is such a great idea for the world then why are they being so secretive about it?  IT IS GOING TO BE HELL ON EARTH, WORSE THAN ANYTHING YOU CAN IMAGINE, but they will create order out of chaos and brainwash the world into thinking things are great, and they will be, temporarily. THEY WILL NOT LAST LONG BEFORE TYRANNY STRIKES. The United States is in grave danger and has already been hijacked by these evil people who run the show from behind the veil.  If you don't believe that then visit and WATCH ALL THE DAMN VIDEOS, SHEEP!    Watch this video here:  WAKE UP YOU STUPID, STUPID AMERICAN IDIOTS!  If the video somehow gets removed you can find it on this website under one of the menu items regarding "General Willey Commits Acts of Treason Against The American People and Instigates War With Russia". 

This is clearly why the entire world and now the USA is being conditioned with false-flag events so the mind-controlled people will willingly give up their guns and accept a Luciferian New World Order.  That WILL NEVER HAPPEN.  American firepower is going to obliviate all United Nations Troops that have been being imported by the Obama administation for at least the past four years, for which he will go to prison for a very very long time.  In the meantime, the entire world is being sprayed with chemtrails for various reasons which negatively affect the health of the human population, and quite possibly for other diabolical reasons which includes mass vaccinations, as they are doing in Australia, birth-control, population reduction and keeping people subdued in a mental trance, or to keep the public calm and peaceful, unaffected by violence, fighting and other excited activity. Syria is currently being sprayed right now. It is a disgrace that nobody other than a few brave men and women in Oregon have actually done what the Constitution obliges people to do in the event of a tyrannical government takeover by encroaching on every aspect of American's lives, freedom, land, health and longevity. This is why small government, excuse me, no government is best for the world. Anyone rooting for big government has ulterior motives that are not in the best interest of American citizens. God Bless America and may our Heavenly Father, Lord and Savior, JESUS Christ, assist humanity in every possible way by shining his brightest light and love on every living being, above and below the Earth until Lucifer is cast back into the darkness where he belongs, with all his Freemason globalist followers. Journalists, please publish this message if you want to keep American freedom, liberty and justice for all. Vote for Donald Trump, who these globalists are terrified of because he threatens all they've worked for over the years.  Put an end to wars by voting for Donald Trump.  Ask Putin if he's in agreement with Donald Trump?  I can guarantee you that Russia will become our biggest ally if we get rid of these Luciferian globalists and no longer let them overpower our lives.  When the United Nations Troops go down, and the United States Military is made aware of these acts of treason against the American people, the globalists will never be able to show their faces again, or off with their heads by an angry mob of betrayed Americans.  These communist scumbags should've waited another decade, but they thought they were in the clear.  Bye bye globalists!  TeeeeeeeeeeeeeeHeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeHeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!

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