This is the globalist's 4 year plan for a New World Order, which accelerated rapidly approximately 2 years ago, despite the fact that they have been planning this for hundreds of years.  They have systematically and strategically manipulated mankind and maneuvered their way into quite possibly achieving thier goals if Americans don't wake up to what is happening and figure out a plan to derail their entire operation permanently. It would be wise for American politicians who are opposed to the New World Order to reverse all the changes to The Constitution that have taken place. Rand Paul and Donald Trump are the only solid choices for president of the United States, despite the shadow government's grip on Washington D.C.   Note: AS OF NOVEMBER, 2013 THE GLOBALISTS WERE NOT READY TO FORCE AN ECONOMIC COLLAPSE. I would imagine they are ready by now. The greatest transfer of wealth is occurring right now. Be wise and buy as much gold and silver as you can. 

In the grand scheme of things, these bankster elites are planning to force debt on American people, to an extreme degree that will shock the country. One of the initial things they will do after the cataclysms of Nibiru, an asteroid strike, a nuclear strike or EMP attack, and when they have the people at the mercy of the New World Order, is raise taxes on the middle class and introduce new taxes that will make your jaw drop. They are creating a giant pot of forced debt creation. Americans can avoid this by forcing gold and silver as the money of choice. Preliminary steps were taken when the globalists forced American Express to become a bank because they were so large and then hand picked the banks they wanted to bailout of their false flag collapse. The bank bailout was another ruse, a forced debt creation tactic so they could bailout only the banks they wanted for their New World Order and let the others sink.

In addition to preparing the world for a New World Order and prior to any of this, they caused 9/11 which served two purposes, one, to instill fear into brains of U.S. citizens and two, steal over a trillion dollars to prepare for either Nuclear War, Nibiru, Asteroid strikes and other world catastrophes by building over a hundred underground cities complete with a massive underground highway system, sometimes stretching as far as 400 miles. Next, they are going to force all college students so far into debt that they will willingly give up their Constitution for the New World Order. They are using the fiscal cliff to do horrible things to the middle class.  Tax the rich!  Tax the rich! is another ruse and all we hear in the media as a very important mind-control tactic. The rich know very well how to hide their money. It is the middle class who will be taxed into oblivion. Then, gradually after the fiscal cliff you will see a rise in taxes and many new taxes introduced. Obamacare will also be a huge expense for the middle class. Regardless of your current wealth, they are planning to bankrupt you so they can own every single piece of mortgage property in the United States. The debt limit will then be suspended so the United States of America, the U.S. government can spend into oblivion.

The dollar is scheduled to be phased out. It is time for the snipers to locate these bankster criminals and do what needs to be done. That is our only hope at this point. While they are taking the mortgage properties they will also take all the churches. This is not a guess!  This is what they are planning to do. Worst of all, this out of control demonic president is planning to bring in millions of radical Muslims to create Sharia Law into America which will nullify the Constitution. This will happen so slowly that it will be like the frog boiling in the pot. There is only one thing to do and that is to beat them at their own game. Begin circulating a list of these globalist bankster elites and make them popular in the media somehow. Then we apply the pressure and pray for sleeper snipers to wake up and do what needs to be done.  Watch the derivative market, buy gold and silver. They will use the derivative market to collapse the economy, which is precisely how they bring down third world countries. 

Change your mindset. Use your dollars while they have value. This is not something that might happen. It is already happening and from everything I've read, I predict a new global currency within 2 years, since we are already two years in. It's time to stop sucking your thumbs and running around like labotomized monkeys. They are injecting fear into society to shut the brain down so they can get away with their agenda. The moral majority needs to wake up and rise up!
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