Globalist Scumbags Using Nibiru To Catapult Their NWO Agenda
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Please note that this and many other videos are quickly removed by YouTube pussies with no spine to stand up to these globalist scumbags, which is precisely why I made this page.  Attention all stupid black people and other mindless fools who chant "O-bam-a", or "Yes We Can", not realizing that the phrase was given to the public by the Luciferian Illuminati, since they're the people who made him president, and actually means "Thank You Satan" when played in reverse, which is typical of Satan. You have no idea what you are doing, just like you have no idea what you are doing with "Black Lives Matter".  George Soro (Nazi) funded your organization and is from the deepest depths of hell.  He is a wicked evil man! We are in a spiritual war between Jesus Christ and Satan.  A New World Order will result in the complete obliteration of your race and you can't even see what it is they're doing.  They are using your race and other brown people as scapegoats to achieve their New World Order.  Don't fall for it. They are from the depths of hell and if you are such religious people you should ask for the grace of God and clarity to see this.  Please wake up now or lose to a tyrannical government.  It is going to literally be hell on earth if their New World Order succeeds.  Obama is the 2nd beast in revelations who ushered in the Anti-Christ.  WAKE UP!   WAKE UP!   WAKE UP!  ....and for God's sake, DO NOT VOTE FOR THAT DEMON BULL-DYKE HILLARY CLINTON. 



FACT:  The United States Government is Hijacked by Very Evil People. FACT: The United States Government & Globalists Have Sold Us All Out!  FACT: United Nations Troops Are Here in the USA to Take Your Guns, Food, and Emergency Supplies.  FACT: The Controlling Zionist, Jesuit, Luciferian, Nazi and Eugenicist Globalists are Planning the Mass Murder of Millions of Americans. FACT:  Serving Your Country is NOT "Defending America", it is Making The Globalist New World Order Agenda a Reality!  FACT:  The Cloward-Piven Model is Being Used To Kill The Dollar Which is Treason!  FACT:  Criminal Barack Obama (Barry Soetoro) is Testing American Troops and Firing The Ones Who Will NOT Shoot American Citizens.
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