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Viruses, Vaccines, GMOs, Population Control, Genocide, Mass Murder


In 1969 . . . [the] United States Defense Department requested and received $10 million to manufacture the AIDS virus in labs as a political/ethnic weapon to be used mainly against Blacks. The feasibility program and labs were to have been completed by 1974-1975; the virus between 1974-1979. The World Health Organization started to inject AIDS-laced smallpox vaccine into over 100 million Africans (population reduction) in 1977. And over 2000 young white male homosexuals (Trojan horse) in 1978 with the hepatitis B vaccine through the Centers for Disease Control/New York Blood Center.

NOTE: The United States Defense Department is already spraying chemtrails throughout the United States, but so are other countries. Therefore, this is probably a United Nations crime against humanity. It is blatantly obvious they are spraying to disguise the sun on certain days of the month, some months more than others, and at certain times of the day, mainly morning and evening. However, the chemicals being sprayed are Aluminum, Barium, Strontium, Manganese, Lithium and in some cases human blood, and they get away with calling it "GEO-ENGINEERING".  What a bunch of bullshit!  These discoveries are not fabricated discoveries, they are facts, and anyone who knows Luciferian Illuminati/Freemason rituals, knows they are all about "sacrificial rituals", which makes perfect sense that they would feel the need to spray the blood of sacrificed children or babies on the masses, whatever they didn't drink while crucifying and traumatizing their victim of course. Similarly, all wars are also sacrificial rituals. They finance both sides of a war because the more deaths there are, the greater their reward. We are dealing with sick, psychotic, pedophile miserable old men with small shriveled up penises who are angry at the world. How I would love to grab that wrinkled neck of that miserable prick, hater of humanity, Henry Kissinger, and drag him around the room like the piece of shit that he is. The same applies to George Soros, David Rockefeller, the Rothschild family and many more rich pricks that, if dead, would benefit the world immensely. I'm just saying, the world would be better off without them. Having said that, let's pray that I overcome my deep seeded hatred for these people who have sabotaged and destroyed America and let's also pray that these miserable old pricks are somehow converted and see the wrong they are doing so they have time to repent and avoid the pain of an eterinty in hell with their buddy Lucifer, who promised them they would be Gods. LMAO!!!!!!!  Are they really that stupid?  Have they not read the Holy Bible?  The problem is they have never felt the hand of God touch their soul because they have always been wicked. I will pray for these men, while trying to become a better person myself of course.  I am only human and they really tick me off.

DOWNLOAD LINK for "Emerging Viruses by Leonard Horowitz"
This video makes me want to spit up, as it should you. They don't have their NWO yet and don't let them convince you that they do. Their corporations depend on us or they collapse.  Without us, the entire fiasco is up and anyone who forces Luciferianism on me or my family will get a dart in the left eye for their stupid Luciferian eye symbolism.  This pathetic excuse for an actor will burn in hell for blasphemy. He even looks like Satan, a big pussy whose ass I've kicked on numerous occasions.  Don't fall for this bullshit and this Satanism scare tactic.  Join the resistance. Nobody is going to remove anyone or we will track down these demonic entities and force them out. I have been granted approval to throw Satan's ass right back into the depths of hell where he will remain for all eternity.  The bottom video explains how the Military Industrial Complex is already at war with Americans, but the troops have no idea they are working AGAINST US.  THEY ARE YOUNG, NAIVE PUNKS and if they knew what Henry Kissinger said about them they would quickly exterminate him. We cannot be angry with them for not being awake since they are so young but the point must be made.  Many will turn against Americans if this information is not presented to them, especially blacks who are already outraged at America with their "Black Lives Matter" bullshit funded by their arch enemy and Nazi George Soros, who has these ding bats fooled into believing he is their buddy and an amazing philanthropist.  So is the anti-christ, a great philanthropist.  Seriously, there are stupid people in this country, as we can see by all of the Obama supporters chaning "YES WE CAN" that don't realize they are actually chanting "THANK YOU SATAN", but they don't deserve to be mass murdered which is precisely what these Luciferian, Zionist, Jesuit, Nazi and Eugenicist globalists are planning to do with 2/3 of the American population. 
I'm tired of these Government politicians denying everything they are responsible for. The M.I.C. Is a terrorist organization of Satanists.


The past 5 presidents should receive the death penalty for crimes against humanity, plotting to destroy the Constitution, plotting to supply and create false flag terrorist organizations to cause chaos so they can create order out of chaos, as dipshit Bush blatantly admits to the public, plotting to covertly murder millions of people over a span of decades and plotting the future murder of millions of Christians, patriots, gun owners, supporters of the Constitution and those who oppose their Luciferian New World Order agenda, in FEMA deathcamps with the purchase of 35,000 guillotines, gas chambers and millions of caskets, disguised as HUD containers, plotting to kill the dollar, plotting to create an Islamic dominant nation in the USA for Sharia Law, plotting with the Vatican evil Jesuits to cause war and mayhem, plotting against the U.S. Citizens in their every action, plotting to control the media for purposes that go against the welfare of Americans and all global citizens for world domnination, plotting to control every industry in the USA and world for purposes that go against the welfare of Americans and other citizens of the world. Plotting to prepare for the continuity of government, or "sustainability" which was not approved by the American people, in the hidden way they mean, by building over 128 deep underground military installations of massive proportions and more elaborate than the most deluxe hotels, equipped with underground highways spanning hundreds of miles, plotting to create an RFID chipping center by clearing out strategically located Walmart stores and equipping them with razor wire on the rooftops, cameras and underground tunnels to the FEMA death camps to herd dissidents at night like cattle. They stole 33 trillion dollars to build their deep underground military bases, called D.U.M.B.s These presidents will go down in history as the most evil, corrupt presidents who deliberately allowed the demise of America through a fraudulent Federal Reserve banking system and a few extremely wealthy scumbag snobs. The entire United States Government is a fraud since every single president has been related in some way to demonic royalty bloodlines of the Illuminati. They are criminals and should receive the most painful death penalty. When will all lawyers, judges, armed military and police forces recognize that THEIR government is corrupt and must be overthrown! THEIR TIME IS UP! Nothing the United States Government and shadow government globalist pukes have done since its inception has been ethical or "GOOD", when speaking of "NATURAL LAW". It didn't work out as the people expected. YOU ARE FIRED! If you refuse to leave your post we will be prepared with thousands of gallons of Holy Water, which probably terrifies you, and millions of rounds of ammunition to be used in defense against the 353,000 United Nations troops you illegally flew to this country for disarming the American people, stealing food and medical supplies from so you can force them into FEMA deathcamps.  Anyone who works for FEMA is a disgrace and should be totally ashamed of themselves.  The government's method of sabotage (JADE HELM 15 & 16 - UWEX) is an abomination.  We are well prepared for all United Nations degenerate loser mongrols with mommy issues who don't see the wrong in working for the United Nations.  We have acquired lists of United Nations troops and know where they and their family members are from. WE WILL STOP AT NOTHING UNTIL ALL TIES WITH THE UNITED NATIONS IS TERMINATED.

FACT:  The United States Government is Hijacked by Very Evil People. FACT: The United States Government & Globalists Have Sold Us All Out!  FACT: United Nations Troops Are Here in the USA to Take Your Guns, Food, and Emergency Supplies.  FACT: The Controlling Zionist, Jesuit, Luciferian, Nazi and Eugenicist Globalists are Planning the Mass Murder of Millions of Americans. FACT:  Serving Your Country is NOT "Defending America", it is Making The Globalist New World Order Agenda a Reality!  FACT:  The Cloward-Piven Model is Being Used To Kill The Dollar Which is Treason!



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