Please watch this video in its entirety with your absolute attention.  If you are reading this then you have been called upon to join the resistance against the most wicked forces of evil now present in this physical world. Understanding the importance of your involvement is critical and will be understood once you begin watching the video. Understanding the necessity of your contribution to ultimately block a very evil agenda that intends to enslave, torture and murder millions of Americans, is difficult to see at first, and then your eyes will open. I can assure you that both physical and spiritual proof are available if you visit upon completion of the video. Please do whatever research you feel is necessary to justify your commitment to this resistance against the new world order agenda and the evil forces behind the Luciferian and Zionist globalist agenda. This video will explain how each person on the planet WILL help build this wall against their evil. Without your assistance, there is no resistance and therefore no wall. Please join the resistance. Every human being on the planet is needed during this critical period in time.