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Jesuits Use Walmart Stores To Process Dissidents For Genocide
You (WALMART) are a disgrace to all Americans everywhere.  Explain to the world why so many strategically located Walmart stores have been emptied and equipped with razor wire on the rooftops, more security cameras installed around the perimeter than any typical Walmart store and deep, wide, tunnels constructed underneath the stores that lead directly to the FEMA deathcamps, that are now equipped with 30,000 guillotines. You are disgusting scumbags who are aiding the Luciferian and Zionist Eugenacist Bankster Globalists who are planning to kill millions of Americans, first with chemtrails, then by guillotine or hanging, depending on which organs will make them money from a specific HUMAN BEING. The Blue Bell ice cream trucks were a nice addition, especially since the U.S. government mysteriously stumbled into using them. It was hardly a stumble. These trucks will be used to transfer the decapitated or strangled bodies for organ harvesting. These evil-to-the-core smelly old men globalist pigs should all be terminated by the very methods they are planning to kill millions of Americans with. As soon as Americans come to their senses they will be coming for the ENTIRE WALTON FAMILY for selling out to the cabal.  They are waking up fast and yes, they will probably seek out the Walton family and all of their loved ones.  It's possible that IF YOU ARE A WALTON YOU WILL PROBABLY EXPERIENCE THE PAIN THE GLOBALISTS INTEND ON INFLICTING ON MILLIONS OF UNDESIRABLE (Christians, Patriots, Gun Owners, Veterans, Abortion Activists, Supporters of the Constitution) AMERICANS, by these enraged undesirable Americans who supported your stores. There is no telling what they may do.  Let's see how much your family members like torture, even the little ones, the Illuminati will like that. The Walton's have put themselves in quite a predicament.  The Luciferians especially like to torture little children by actually crucifying babies and children while they are alive. They terrorize them and then drink their blood. AMERICANS WILL FLIP OUT WHEN THEY FIND OUT THE WALTON'S HAVE SIDED WITH THESE BARBARIC ZIONIST, LUCIFERIAN, JESUIT, NAZI, COMMUNIST, EUGENICIST AND FREEMASON ANIMALS. MANY OF THEM ARE EVIL SATANISTS AND THE WALTON FAMILY HAS SOLD OUT TO THEM.  THE WALTONS SOLD OUT AMERICAN LIVES AND NOW THEIR CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY WILL BE EXPOSED TO THE AMERICAN PUBLIC.  MILLIONS OF AMERICANS FACE DEATH BY THE 30,000 GUILLOTINES PURCHASED FOR THESE FEMA CAMPS.  WE'RE EVEN HEARING FROM CONSTRUCTION WORKERS AT THE CLOSED WALMART STORES THAT A GUILLOTINE HAS EVEN BEEN INSTALLED AT EACH OF THESE WALMART DESTINATIONS.  HOW NICE!  DOESN'T ANYONE HAVE A SPINE?  LEAVE PEOPLE ALONE TO LIVE THEIR LIVES AND WORSHIP JESUS CHRIST, THE ONE AND ONLY TRUE GOD.  MUSLIM AND ISLAM RADICALS MUST BE ERADICATED FROM THE NATION FOR THEIR SICK DIABOLICAL CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY.  HOW CAN THESE PEOPLE SLEEP AT NIGHT?  I'LL TELL YOU HOW!  THEY ARE LITERALLY POSSESSED BY DEMONS! ?STOP EVIL PEOPLE LIKE THE WALTON FAMILY.  BOYCOTT WALMART!



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